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Unione Pastori Nurri


Zona Industriale Taccu, 57
08035 Nurri (Cagliari)
Sardegna – Italy

The “OP Unione Pastori Nurri” Agricultural Cooperative was founded in 1962. This was the year when the first partners decided to make their product a delicacy in the dairy industry.

The Unione Pastori di Nurri annually transforms approximately 14,000,000 litres of sheep and goat’s milk. Over the years, the Cooperative’s factory became a tourist destination and was added to the tourist route of the Consozio dei Laghi.

Thanks to its state of the art equipment and highly qualified personnel, all stages of milk processing are carried out in the factory, from the provision to the ageing of the cheeses; this allows the organisation to obtain unparalleled products, where hygiene and food health and safety are the cornerstone of the entire process. Since its creation, the Nurri “OP Unione Pastori Nurri” Agricultural Cooperative has been sensitive to the environment and the territory.

In over 50 years now, the cooperative has developed its production and commercialisation of typical Sardinian sheep and goat’s milk cheeses and it has established itself in the international market. This has allowed it to commercialise the Pecorino Romano DOP and reach one of the largest volumes of transformed products in Sardinia.

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