The “Latteria Sa Costera” social dairy was founded in 1966 and has always been Goceano’s largest producer.

The name, which was chosen by the Cooperative, stands for the entire Goceano sub-region, in the Sardinian dialect, and is known as “Latteria Sa Costera” to recall the area’s geomorphological characteristics. Since it was created, the “Latteria Sa Costera” has endeavoured to promote its own high quality home-made products and continues to do so to this day. The cheese factory where the cheese is manufactured was designed in compliance with EU restrictions and regulations regarding hygiene. The milk processing, cheese transformation and ageing are rigorously controlled to guarantee consumers a genuine and high quality product. These are principles that the cooperative endeavours to promote among their own buyers through loyalty, mutual understanding, and shared values and objectives.

The cooperative’s products were created to promote local production while complying with working standards and protecting the environment. The cooperative specialises in producing a wide range of cheeses that can be divided into four categories: sheep’s milk cheeses, cow’s milk cheeses, mixed cheese and goat’s milk cheeses. The “Latteria Sa Costera” works both in Italy with large supermarket chains and with the United States market with individual importers.