The cooperative, La Memoria Storica (the historical memory), was founded in 1985 to preserve, promote and manage our cultural heritage.

The cooperative mainly carries out censuses, organises, does inventories for and catalogues archived and bibliographic heritage items. It also manages and promotes archives, libraries and archaeological areas in Sardinia.

The La Memoria Storica cooperative aims to promote and preserve Sardinian culture and heritage through the careful and professional management of the region’s main cultural locations for the enjoyment of both Sardinians and Italian and foreign tourists, who wish to learn more about Sardinia’s history and culture. Safeguarding “Historical Memory” is a fundamental step towards true territorial innovation and promotion.

To this day, the cooperative manages museums, archaeological areas, archives and libraries, namely the Antiquarium Arborense, the Museo Arte Tessile Sarda Samugheo and the Museo Arte Sacra Ales.