The Centro Sardegna Dairy Coop. LACESA was created in 1907 in Campeda, at the heart of Sardinia, when a group of farmers united as a cooperative in order to produce and commercialise cheese.

The Campeda plateau and the region of Marghine are characterised by their geoclimatic conditions, making them ideal pastures, both due to the abundance of fodder and the great variety of aromatic grass, which gives the milk and its derivatives their unparalleled flavour. The fertile pastures, the select livestock and the age-old dairy tradition of the area’s inhabitants are the essential and irreplaceable ingredients that breath life into LACESA. Over the course of several years, the LACESA cooperative has maintained a high standard of quality in their dairy production thanks to the careful selection of milk, the rigorous production processes and the assistance of animal husbandry carried out by the breeders. Over the course of several years, the LACESA cheeses have received various certifications that guarantee its compliance with the applicable regulations and international standards for food safety and quality.

LACESA’s main objective is to successfully blend tradition with innovation in order to produce competitive and high quality local dairy products, not just in Italy but also in the main international markets.