The “Sinis” Tourism Cooperative was founded in 1979 in Narbolia. Its goal is to promote sustainable tourism in the region by diversifying the services available to satisfy its diverse clientele.

The “Sinis” Tourism Cooperative’s mission is to promote the region by creating a tourism-based economy that fully respects the area’s traditions and environment.

Given the increasing demands of tourism in Sardinia, the Cooperative is prioritising holiday projects that differ from the traditional options that limit tourism to just a few weeks over the summer. The “Sinis” Tourism Cooperative has researched “all inclusive” tourist offers that combine the seaside experience with the attractions of inner Sardinia. It has then introduced these options on the market to promote the island’s natural beauty, agro-pastoral culture, traditions and age-old mysteries.

All of this could not have been done without the assistance of the company, AIGAE (the association of environmental excursion guides).

It currently manages two accommodation facilities, one campsite on the seashore at the Peninsola del Sinis, called Camping Nurapolis, and a 4-star hotel a few kilometres away from Bosa, called Hotel La Baja.