The Acanthus Cooperative was created in February 2012 when a group of professionals chose to provide innovative services and solutions in the agricultural and, more generally, environmental field.

In the year 2014, the Acanthus cooperative registered in the special Innovative Start-Up Section of the Companies Register of the Chamber of Commerce of Cagliari, due to the requirement for highly specialised worker members.

In 2015, after acquiring a large company in the environmental mitigation sector, they gained considerable expertise in national and international public works.

The organisation currently works to develop its business together with various partners in both the public and private sector. The Acanthus Cooperative has held the Environmental Certificate UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 since 2016. In developing its ability to mitigate and monitor the environment during infrastructure works, the Acanthus Cooperative prioritises environmental issues both in its general objectives and working methods.

And to prove themselves in the environmental domain, in 2016, Acanthus designed and realised Sardinia’s first subtropical biosphere: The Butterfly House is a welcoming location with refreshment areas, a swimming pool and an agri-spa. Visit the area to commune with nature in a “biosphere” where butterflies fly freely in a particularly captivating subtropical natural environment. The wonderful garden is one of a kind. It is located inside a greenhouse to understand the life cycle of butterflies and see how that cycle can be a useful indicator of how healthy their environment is. Furthermore, the project is sustainable, as breeding butterflies in subtropical countries facilitates reforestation and contributes to an increase in the economy of local populations. This avoids rainforests being compromised or destroyed.