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Regione Camedda
07044 Ittiri (Sassari)
Sardegna – Italy

There are places in Italy where the intense perfume of the sea embraces the rich perfume of the soil, bringing to life excellent quality products. In the heart of the Mediterranean you can find the magical island of Sardinia!

In this uncontaminated territory, which is abundant in olive groves and green pastures and just 25km from the sea, more than 400 sheep farmers have come together to give life to the LAIT Dairy in Ittiri.

Cooperation and synergy are the key words, which make LAIT one of the most important realities in the field of dairy production. Constant teamwork over the years, ancient traditions and modern technology all add up to provide a range of genuine products of the highest quality.

As part of both the national and international market, LAIT pays particular attention to food safety, carrying out rigorous hygiene and quality tests at every stage of production.

The taste of ancient Sardinian tradition combines with the most sophisticated systems of production. This union makes LAIT a dynamic firm, which is aware of consumer expectations and the market as it evolves.

LAIT is proud to present its cheeses, all of which are produced exclusively with sheep’s milk: CAMEDDA, ELIGHE, RUNARA, DOLCE PAULIS, PECORINO ROMANO, RICOTTA GENTILE and RICOTTA SALATA.

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Founded in: 1959
Members number: 400
Capacity production (milk litres/year): 15,000,000
Covered surface of premises: 12,000 mq

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