Cantina Vernaccia

Address Località Rimedio – Via Oristano, 6/A09170 OristanoSardegna – Italy   The Cantina della Vernaccia wine cellar was founded in 1953 in a unique territory of rare beauty. The climate conditions are characterised by the soil, which was affected by the flooding of the river Tirso. They are also defined by the microclimate, […]

Unione Pastori Nurri

Address Zona Industriale Taccu, 5708035 Nurri (Cagliari)Sardegna – Italy The “OP Unione Pastori Nurri” Agricultural Cooperative was founded in 1962. This was the year when the first partners decided to make their product a delicacy in the dairy industry. The Unione Pastori di Nurri annually transforms approximately 14,000,000 litres of sheep and goat’s […]


Address Regione Camedda07044 Ittiri (Sassari)Sardegna – Italy There are places in Italy where the intense perfume of the sea embraces the rich perfume of the soil, bringing to life excellent quality products. In the heart of the Mediterranean you can find the magical island of Sardinia! In this uncontaminated territory, which is abundant in […]

Cantina Sociale Oliena

Address Via Nuoro, 11208025 Oliena (NU)Sardegna – Italy     This wine cellar was born in 1950 when a group of vine growers in Oliena wished to promote Cannonau wine. The work culture and tradition of being together meant that they chose to build the wine cellar as a cooperative. This added momentum to […]


Address Via Marconi, 11908045 Lanusei (OG)Sardegna – Italy Ferreli family produces since 1954 the traditional Sardinian’s bread. The production has evolved over time, anyway it maintains the quality and the typical features of the old times and express today the best quality standards to create suitable products for the modern times needs. Our […]