Food & Wine

CAO Formaggi


Località “Perda Lada” – Fenosu
09170 Oristano
Sardegna – Italy

CAO is a cooperative made up of 700 partners, which was founded in 1966. The cooperative was created in order to unite all farmers who transform milk into cheeses that comply with high standards of quality.

All of the farmer partners share values, such as a passion for their everyday work and commitment to quality, together with the principles of the traditional Sardinian dairy industry, and they all work daily to apply them.

CAO distributes its own products locally, nationally and internationally. The organisation mainly exports its dairy culture, together with the traditions of the Sardinian territory. By transforming sheep’s milk, it has innovated the tradition, thanks to its production methods, by introducing high quality standards and controls throughout the entire production chain.

The raw materials in use are exclusively from local farms and CAO has its own policy regarding traceability in order to guarantee product quality. Since it was created, CAO has shaped the management of cooperative models with its own ethics, by working responsibly and integrating social and ecological aspects into the development and promotion of their product.

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