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Cantina Vernaccia


Località Rimedio – Via Oristano, 6/A
09170 Oristano
Sardegna – Italy


The Cantina della Vernaccia wine cellar was founded in 1953 in a unique territory of rare beauty. The climate conditions are characterised by the soil, which was affected by the flooding of the river Tirso. They are also defined by the microclimate, due to the proximity to the sea.

These conditions provide a unique setting for the development of quality-based viticulture. The development and establishment of the Vernaccia di Oristano in Italy and abroad is certainly due to the Cantina della Vernaccia.

By delving into the legacy of producing high quality wine for over half a century, the wine cellar has also evolved over the last few years by promoting other wine varieties that are native to the territory, such as the Nieddera, and by producing famous Sardinian wines, such as the Vermentino, Cannonau, Bovale and Monica. The partners, who own the vineyard, care for it meticulously, using modern technology and taking external oenology advice to support the on-site wine cellar oenologist.

Over the last few years, the Cantina della Vernaccia has chosen the path of innovation and growth on their quest to express the ultimate quality of their territory. The portfolio of wines has thus been developed and enriched to include a full range of sparkling wines (including a Metodo Classico Vernaccia grapes basedAristanis Brut), white, rosé and red wines. Cantina della Vernaccia. One land, one winery, one ancient tradition… Wine.

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