Food & Wine

Cantina Sociale Oliena


Via Nuoro, 112
08025 Oliena (NU)
Sardegna – Italy



This wine cellar was born in 1950 when a group of vine growers in Oliena wished to promote Cannonau wine. The work culture and tradition of being together meant that they chose to build the wine cellar as a cooperative.

This added momentum to their entrepreneurship which, as well as having strong social implications, prioritised product quality over profit from the very beginning.

By pairing traditional methods with more modern technology, such as wine-making at a controlled temperature, the Cantina Sociale di Oliena has been working with grapes in the form of a partnership with approximately 100 members.

The Cantina Sociale di Oliena aims to spread their wine culture all over the world and propagate the crucial idea and awareness of “drinking well” together, as well as their typically Italian quest for beauty. They have always invested in the quality of their wines and seek to teach consumers to recognise this quality.

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