Sémata Società Cooperativa

Address Via Cagliari, 6609041 Dolianova  (South Sardinia) www.coopsemata.it coopsemata@gmail.com The Cooperativa Sémata has been operating for over ten years in the management and enhancement of the most renowned and popular cultural and environmental assets and tourism services on the island of Sardinia. Thanks to the combination of business organisation, skills and multidisciplinary training of members […]


Address Via Tharros, 163 09072 Cabras (OR) Sardegna – Italy www.penisoladelsinis.it amministrazione@penisoladelsinis.it The Cooperative “Penisola del Sinis” promotes and valorizes the historical, archaeological and environmental heritage of the territory of Cabras (OR). Designated as Marine Protected Area, this region is extremely rich in historical and archaeological evidence, traditions and religious events, renowned food and wine […]

La Sorgente Campeggi

AddressVillaggio Spiaggia del RisoVia Degli Aranci, 2 – Loc. Campulongu09049 Villasimius (Cagliari)Sardegna – Italy www.villaggiospiaggiadelriso.it info@villaggiospiaggiadelriso.it   The Spiaggia del Riso camping village started in 1978. Over the decades, the partners built the entire campsite. Over time, they have gone from being able to accommodate 400 to 910 units. Consequently, the campsite was extended and […]


AddressLocalità Santa Cristina, 109070 Paulilatino (OR)Sardegna – Italy www.pozzosantacristina.com info@pozzosantacristina.com The “Società Cooperativa Archeotour”, a cooperative company, was established in 1987 with the aim of preserving and enhancing the historical, archaeological, cultural and ethnographic heritage of the Paulilatino area with a productive perspective. It is still the managing body of the Santa Cristina Park (Parco […]


AddressVia Montanaru, 4009047 Selargius (CA)Sardegna – Italy www.agora.coop agora@agora.coop The Cooperativa Agorà Sardegna was established in 1989 and operates in the management and enhancement of cultural assets and activities. The main activities concern the study and design of interventions for the recovery and conservation of cultural, archival and book heritage, the scientific treatment of documents, […]

Cantina Vernaccia

Address Località Rimedio – Via Oristano, 6/A09170 OristanoSardegna – Italy www.cantinadellavernaccia.com vinovernaccia@tiscali.it   The Cantina della Vernaccia wine cellar was founded in 1953 in a unique territory of rare beauty. The climate conditions are characterised by the soil, which was affected by the flooding of the river Tirso. They are also defined by the microclimate, […]

Unione Pastori Nurri

Address Zona Industriale Taccu, 5708035 Nurri (Cagliari)Sardegna – Italy www.unionepastorinurri.it formaggi@unionepastorinurri.com The “OP Unione Pastori Nurri” Agricultural Cooperative was founded in 1962. This was the year when the first partners decided to make their product a delicacy in the dairy industry. The Unione Pastori di Nurri annually transforms approximately 14,000,000 litres of sheep and goat’s […]


Address Regione Camedda07044 Ittiri (Sassari)Sardegna – Italy info@laitittiri.com There are places in Italy where the intense perfume of the sea embraces the rich perfume of the soil, bringing to life excellent quality products. In the heart of the Mediterranean you can find the magical island of Sardinia! In this uncontaminated territory, which is abundant in […]

Cantina Sociale Oliena

Address Via Nuoro, 11208025 Oliena (NU)Sardegna – Italy www.cantinasocialeoliena.it info@cantinasocialeoliena.it     This wine cellar was born in 1950 when a group of vine growers in Oliena wished to promote Cannonau wine. The work culture and tradition of being together meant that they chose to build the wine cellar as a cooperative. This added momentum to […]