Culture and Tourism


Via Montanaru, 40
09047 Selargius (CA)
Sardegna – Italy

The Cooperativa Agorà Sardegna was established in 1989 and operates in the management and enhancement of cultural assets and activities.

The main activities concern the study and design of interventions for the recovery and conservation of cultural, archival and book heritage, the scientific treatment of documents, the educational and cultural animation, the creation of promotional and communication campaigns, the organisation and setting up of exhibitions and conferences, the management of cultural services to the public, with a strong orientation towards the potential offered by new technologies.

The Cooperative operates in the main regional library systems, in some historical archives and in important archaeological, historical-artistic, ethno-anthropological and archaeological-industrial museums. Furthermore, thanks to the collaboration of expert archivists, the Cooperativa Agorà Sardegna has for years been offering valuable support to public and private bodies in Sardinia, through archive management services, study and scientific research on documentary material, reorganisation, inventory and cataloguing. 

In the photos, the exhibitions created for the Armungia and Villasalto museums and the Sanlurese centre.

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